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Making an Appointment

My usual day for appointments in Ponsonby is Wednesday each week (appointment times are between 9am and 5.30pm).  Other days and times are possible, by arrangement.

To book an appointment contact me direct:

  • By phone or text on
  • By email me at:             
  • or use the "contact me" button provided here

If you call be ready to leave a message as I may be with a client. Tell me a phone number I can reach you on and a few time options for a call back. 

I will return your text, email or phone within 24 hours to discuss your requirements and let you know my available appointment times.


Free Counselling 

You may be eligible for free sessions if your employer offers EAP (Employee Assistance Programme).    Check with your H.R.   I am available under EAP contracts with Workplace Support (EAP Works), Benestar EAP, and Instep EAP.

WINZ:  If you receive a benefit you can apply through your G.P. for WINZ to subsidise your counselling with me.

Session Charges

For individual counselling appointments my standard fee is $150 per one-hour appointment.  Depending on your financial situation, this can be negotiated between $100 and $150 - please let me know if that makes it more possible for you.  

Couples or longer sessions (eg. 90 minutes) are negotiated above this rate, please just ask.

I offer a limited number of "reduced rate" counselling agreements to people when finances are an issue.   

Please ask me about this if that is your situation. I am committed to helping people who are committed to overcoming problems, and willing to find a fee that can work for us both.

All other services are offered for a negotiated rate that reflects my costs and preparation / delivery time. Please ask, I'm very amenable to what can work for us both.

Appointment Options

I work from counselling rooms in Ponsonby (Jervois Rd), however in some circumstances meeting in your home or other venue may be more supportive to you or your family - we can discuss this when arranging appointments. 

Click on Location for further information and to see a map. 

Counselling Appointment Times

My usual day is Wednesday, between 9am and 5.30pm

Some later times, evenings, and alternate days are available by arrangement.  Please ask. 

Contact me to make an appointment. We can discuss what times work best for you within my available session times or existing evening commitments (Use the "Contact Me" button above).

In Your Home or My Counselling Office?

I offer a comfortable, homely, counselling space on Jervois Rd, Herne Bay.

See my Location page for a map and photo of what the space looks like.

However, I also offer a unique service in that I can come to you. For some clients this offers a more accessible, non-threatening experience for appointments.

This can be ideally suited for children or teenagers who might feel more relaxed and empowered on their own turf rather than in a strange "office". It's also helpful for family therapy sessions, by making it easier for everyone to be there.  

All I require is a distraction-free space (no phones, TV, music, etc) and that the session is protected from interruption (no additional fee for my travel).

Appointment Information

 Here are some frequently asked questions about appointments.            (Click on FAG for more)

  1. How long does an appointment take?     

    Individual sessions are generally 1 hour, however they sometimes go over that by 15 - 20 minutes. 

    When deciding on our appointment time, if more space to explore an issue is wanted we can arrange 

    for a 90 minute session. An additional fee will apply and will be discussed with your when setting up 

    the appointment time.

I will take care of monitoring the time for you and will let you know when our time is drawing to an end.  
If we go over the hour no additional fee is charged. 

  1.  How many sessions will I need?

    Most clients find they are where they want to be after 3 to 6 appointments. However the number of counselling appointments can depend on many things including the nature of the issues you face and 

    the level of their effect on you.

During the first visit we can talk about how many sessions you might be interested in, and review this 
as we go along.

  1.  How to I make the first appointment?

    Making the first appointment can feel like a big step. Many people are nervous or self-conscious. I understand that and want you to feel comfortable.

    There are several ways you can arrange an appointment - text me, email me or phone me. Chances 

    are I'll be with someone and so be prepared to leave a message with your name, a phone number 

    you're happy for me to call you back on, and a time that works for you.

    If texting or emailing I will reply with some options and we can narrow it down to something that works 

    for both of us. 

    I can usually see you the week following this first conversation.

  1.  Where are you based? Where is your office?

    I have a comfortable and "homely" professional counselling space located in Herne Bay, Central 

    Auckland. See the "Location" tab above for details and a map. 

    However, just like the "good-old-days", I can come to you!  Many people feel more comfortable and relaxed in their own home, and for family therapy or work with teenagers or children, meeting on "their turf" can be empowering and less threatening.

    Where we work together is something we will discuss when arranging our appointments.

  1.  What if I can't make our scheduled appointment?

    Life happens and things come up... I understand that appointments are not always able to be kept.  

Out of respect for my time and others seeking appointments, I ask that you commit to letting me know 
if you can't make our appointment, preferably with 24 hours notice.  This is best done by text or phone.

Short-notice cancellations or non-attendance may incur the full session fee.

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