Counselling for boys, teens, men, & families.

Specialist Counselling for Boys, Teens, Young Men and Families

Through my broad counselling experience, on-going professional development, and initial training I have developed numerous skills and abilities in the following areas:

  • One-to-one Counselling: Individual, couple, family or small group settings

  • Crisis Support and Critical Incident Debriefing: For families, schools, workplaces and corporate environments

  • Assessment and Evaluation: Drug and Alcohol use, Violence and Safety, Suicide, self-harm and other "at risk" issues

  • Supervision: Clinical support and supervision for counsellors, social workers and people managers

  • Training: Presenting learning modules that develop counselling skills, use of Narrative Therapy ideas, Compassionate Communication (NVC), and effective engagement with boys and adolescents

  • Workshops: A wide range of wellness topics including: Stress, Depression, Coping with Change, Colleague Relationships, Team Leadership, H.R. Support, Resolving Conflict, and Parenting to name some examples

  • Gender and Sexuality: Specialist workshops to raise awareness, increase understanding, deconstruct taken-for-granted norms, diversity training, dispelling heteronormativity and sexual harassment/discrimination, also understanding trans and gender bending, etc.

  • Mediation: Working towards understanding and agreement between disputing parties 
  • Consultation: I can share my knowledge and experience for a range of applications, including policy development, course construction, audits of practice, etc.

Most of my day-to-day work sees me sitting alongside individuals, couples, families or groups of concerned people working through matters that are troubling them or developing the change they want in their life.  


For individual counselling appointments my standard fee is between $100 and $125 per one-hour appointment.  Couples or longer sessions are negotiated at a higher rate, please just ask.

I also offer a limited number of "reduced rate" counselling agreements to people when finances are an issue. Please feel free to talk with me about what you need.

All other services are offered at a negotiated rate that reflects my costs and preparation / delivery time. Please ask to discuss what is affordable, I'm very amenable to what can work for us both. 

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Teens and Adult Status

Many cultures around the world have well-established traditions around the transition to adulthood. How do young people in New Zealand know they have entered adulthood? Do we provide them with any solid markers to reflect their increasing maturity? Teens need to know that we recognise their growing capacity for independence and making smart choices.

Consider creating some rites of passage for your family. Whether these revolve around travel, part-time jobs, or increased responsibilities at home, let your teenagers know that they are taking concrete steps on the path to adulthood. Celebrate and encourage them along the way, perhaps with a family dinner that includes speeches in their honour, or a small gift. Rites of passage make young people feel capable and respected, and give them a sense of place and security in the family and society.

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